I’m Still Here!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time focusing on work for the past few months. My duties have increased and so has my coffee consumption (but only by a little). I updated my “Currently Reading” section since I finally finished the five I had started at once. That wasn’t the smartest idea…

I plan on getting back to posting more frequently now that I’ve gotten used to my new schedule. Let’s get to work!

P.S. – Out of the five books I finished, I’d have to say Foundation by Isaac Asimov was my favorite. I’m still new to science fiction, but Foundation was a fantastic read!

A short piece on the traits of entrepreneurs

I really enjoyed this piece from CNN. I specifically liked the quote slideshow at the top of the article. They’re perfect examples of what to print out and put in a picture frame on your desk or to simply write out on a note card as a daily reminder. My personal favorites were #1, #2, and #6.

Let me know what your favorites were in the comments!

Knowledge can actually become useless

I started reading The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes yesterday. In the Introduction he states:

Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success

I find this to be true more and more as I grow in my own research endeavors. Although it is joyful to simply learn for learning’s sake, it is even more enjoyable when you’re able to apply that newly obtained knowledge.

The statement is greatly complemented by Dale Carnegie when he said, “knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.” With that said, never stop learning and always try to apply what you learn!

Sitting still truly helps

I came across this article via Flipboard and it’s quite a good read. It reminded me that I need to get back to meditation myself. I started using Headspace, a meditation app, during the second half of last year and haven’t used it in about a month or so, but I certainly notice a difference in my demeanor when I regularly use it. It has a 10 day course you can try out and if you want to continue using it you can sign up for a subscription. It has many different meditation packs that target different areas that you might have trouble with(exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc.) All in all, it’s a great product.

Of course, meditation at the start of your day doesn’t magically make it perfect. However, it does reduce/eliminate that “morning rush” feeling we get quite often, thereby acting as a catalyst for a pleasant day. It can also act as a wind-down for your brain if you choose to do it before bed. Either way, the benefits of meditation are continually becoming more apparent, so give it a shot!

The reality of obtaining knowledge

I just started The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. I’m not even five pages in and I’ve already found a good quote:

Until you make the effort to get to know someone or something, you don’t know anything. There are no shortcuts to knowledge, especially knowledge gained from personal experience. Following conventional wisdom and relying on shortcuts can be worse than knowing nothing at all.

I very much like the part on personal experience. It complements the idea that, regardless of what degree you may hold, experience is an integral part of success.

If you want to follow more of Mr. Horowitz, here’s his blog. Be sure to check out his book in the link at the top of the post!

A useful tool for those who want to know more than 2+2=4!

I recently came across brilliant.org. I’ve started perusing through the site and the design is quite sleek. Very robust UI on their part. I look forward to utilizing it more in the future!

Side-note: Also check out memrise.com. Another wonderful tool specifically for memorization. You can set up daily reminders and it’s very user-friendly. I haven’t tried the iOS version but the Android version is excellent.