Sitting still truly helps

I came across this article via Flipboard and it’s quite a good read. It reminded me that I need to get back to meditation myself. I started using Headspace, a meditation app, during the second half of last year and haven’t used it in about a month or so, but I certainly notice a difference in my demeanor when I regularly use it. It has a 10 day course you can try out and if you want to continue using it you can sign up for a subscription. It has many different meditation packs that target different areas that you might have trouble with(exercise, sleep, nutrition, etc.) All in all, it’s a great product.

Of course, meditation at the start of your day doesn’t magically make it perfect. However, it does reduce/eliminate that “morning rush” feeling we get quite often, thereby acting as a catalyst for a pleasant day. It can also act as a wind-down for your brain if you choose to do it before bed. Either way, the benefits of meditation are continually becoming more apparent, so give it a shot!