Knowledge can actually become useless

I started reading The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes yesterday. In the Introduction he states:

Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success

I find this to be true more and more as I grow in my own research endeavors. Although it is joyful to simply learn for learning’s sake, it is even more enjoyable when you’re able to apply that newly obtained knowledge.

The statement is greatly complemented by Dale Carnegie when he said, “knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.” With that said, never stop learning and always try to apply what you learn!

A useful tool for those who want to know more than 2+2=4!

I recently came across I’ve started perusing through the site and the design is quite sleek. Very robust UI on their part. I look forward to utilizing it more in the future!

Side-note: Also check out Another wonderful tool specifically for memorization. You can set up daily reminders and it’s very user-friendly. I haven’t tried the iOS version but the Android version is excellent.